In 2016 Joel Jarek DeGraff sat up from bed and scribbled a note to himself: The lizard and the bird are the same animal having a different dream. This line ignited the spark for the nom de guerre for his musical act, Same AnimalSame Animal is an ever changing and amorphous force, an idea evolving in the mind of its brain child, Joel Jarek DeGraff. Toying with dark surrealist undertones and psychedelic decadence, Same Animal, the idea,works alongside Mr. DeGraff, shaping him as he shapes it.  Resistant to the caged labels of genre and category, Same Animal walks the fuzzy line between reality and the dream world. 

 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>There’s an animal behind a door that’s never lived before.

The sounds Same Animal emits are saturated in distortion, laced with clear melodies, embracing everything glamorous, earnest, ethereal and earthly. Same Animal is possessed by ambience, paradox, and mythology (including its own). Undeniably influenced by a myriad of artists including Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground, Mark Bolan of T-Rex, New York City’s Lower East Side’s, Suicide, Venice CA’s The Doors, symphonic rock bands Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized, shoegaze giants Slowdive, and the ever-relevant Stone Roses. Same Animal fits within the ever-growing definition of rock & roll, drawing upon the archives of the music’s 20th century history with a wink and a nod before spinning somewhere out into the future. 

After 25 years lived under the drizzling gray of the Pacific Northwest, Mr. DeGraff moved south in 2011 to find a home in the high-contrast dramatic expanse of Los Angeles. He’s continually inspired by the amoebic landscape of L.A, the vibrancy of its culture, everything happening at that exact point where the mountains meet the traffic.  

Soon after the move, Mr. DeGraff began writing and recording music on his own, eventually seeking other transient members for Same Animal. Joining him initially was guitarist/bassist/aspiring producer, John M.F. Anderson (Girls, Avi Buffalo). Later, he worked with long distance collaborator, drummer and keyboardist Keith Walker (Power of Dreams, Holy Coast, Snake Heart Society). Closer to home, he began collaborating with guitarist Jesse Tobias (Morrissey), who brought in master sound engineer Manny Nieto.  

Other musicians who have contributed to Same Animal include drummers: Sheridan V. Riley, Eric Gardner, Fredo Ortiz, and Carlo Ribaux. Bassist: Mando Lopez. Guitarist: Cuni Besic. Violinist: Kaitlyn Wolfberg. Keys player: Jerry Borge and Engineer and general noisemaker: Dan Duszynski.

Same Animal is forever toiling at new writing and recording projects. Available EP’s include Sheet of Steel (2017), and Lipstick & Money (2018).

More to come in the near future, hold tight.